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Tooth Colored Fillings

A filling or a Restoration is nothing but replacement of missing part of the tooth structure with an inert or a biocompatible material. This would help to bring back the tooth to its normal form and function. The tooth structure loss mainly happens because of bacteria attacking the tooth structure due to various reasons like poor oral hygiene, improper dietary habits, medical problems, prolonged medications, immunocompromised patients etc.

There are various types of dental materials available which can be used as dental restorative materials. Those are

  • Dental composites (tooth coloured filling materials)
  • Dental amalgam (alloy of silver and mercury)
  • Glassinomer cements (fluoride releasing materials)

These dental restorations / fillings can be done directly in the patients mouth which are called as direct restorations which are simple chairside procedures and can be done immediately.

Sometimes the restorations needs to be fabricated outside the mouth i.e in the lab so such procedures are called indirect restorations. These include

Inlays, Onlays, Overlays etc. These procedures are done in two or more visits.


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