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A smile is the first impression of a person to the world, which exemplifies their persona and confidence. Smile is always a smart thing to do. In today’s world with the increasing demand for aesthetics dentists are at the forefront in creating better aesthetics by giving a beautiful smile. The goal of smile designing is to improve or enhance the appearance of natural dentition where in it gives a more aesthetic look along with proper functionality.

Smile designing is a part of Cosmetic / Aesthetic dentistry which enhances the patients smile by simple modifications of the teeth like the shape, colour, contour, textureand if needed alignment. Smile designing is not only related to restorative dentistry, in fact it is an interdisciplinary approach involving restorative, orthodontic, prosthodontic and periodontal approach.

Correction of these type of problems has a positive psychological effect on the patient. It also improves the self esteem and confidence of an individual.

With the development in technology and availability of latest materials the procedures of smile designing have become easy and cost effective to the patients.

Various state-of-the art dental materials and procedures like crowns, veneers, restorations, bleaching and whitening of teeth, soft and hard tissue surgeries can be utilized to give patients their optimal exuberant smile.With a proper diagnosis and a well defined treatment plan successful smile designing procedures can be carried out.

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