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Root Canal treatment

Root canal treatment commonly called as RCT is a procedure where in a tooth with extensive decay is cleared of infection and filled with an inert material so that the tooth comes back to its normal form and function. Root canal treatments are performed under local anesthesia so they are painless procedures unless the tooth gets severely infected causing swelling of the jaws.

Root canal treatment ‘s are indicated when the decay extends beyond the protective layers of the tooth i.e Enamel and Dentine and enters the chamber which is the vital part of the tooth i.e the pulp. Once the pulp gets infected the patient experiences sever pain and sometimes a swelling too. So the infected tissues are cleared using various instruments and agents and then the roots along with the pulp chamber are sealed 3dimensionally to avoid further infection. Once the root canal treatment is completed the tooth which is already compromised due to decay has to be crowned to regain its complete strength.

At our dental office we follow very strict sterilization protocols to prevent cross infection Single visit endodontics is practiced regularly. We are well equipped with lastest technology to perform painless root canal treatments. We use digital radiographs for accurate measurements during the procedure.

Patients have had a good dental experience after the treatment at our dental office.

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