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The word periodontal means “around the tooth”

This branch deals with supporting tissues surrounding the tooth.Periodontal disease attacks the gums and the bone surrounding the tooth. Patients generally experience dull pain and desire to use a tooth pick between the teeth for some kind of relief. Initially this disease goes unnoticed but as the disease progresses appearance of blood stain in the spit or during brushing. Bad breath is a one of the common reasons for patients to visit a dental office. This gives them an awkward feeling and loose their confidence to speak to people. This is a clear indication of an underlying gum disease. Unnoticingly gap increases between teeth and food gets lodged interdentally.

Value for protecting the natural tooth is precious as the tactile perception in artificial substitutes cannot replace the natural dentition.

Systemic treatment plan and a continuous follow up after every 4-5 months is mandatory for patients suffering from gum diseases. Very often gum diseases indicate a underlying systemic cause like diabetes, heart disease, HIV etc.

Diabetes has a direct relation on the gums and vice versa. But proper diagnosis and good treatment would control both the diseases.

The treatment for gum diseases has to be done in a phase wise manner. First and foremost is a thorough cleaning i.e oral prophylaxis and then followed by curettage or deeper cleaning and finally if the disease does not subside then a FLAP SURGERY needs to be performed.

At our dental office we follow a systemic treatment plan and put the patient on regular follow up. LASER flap surgeries are done at our clinic based on the patient’s requirements. Laser surgeries are quick and painless. No blood and no postoperative discomfort.

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