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“Alternative to Tooth Extraction”

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with structures with in / inside the tooth. One of the common problems in today’s fast growing world is Dental Decay. Because urbanisation and changes in food habits the incidence of decay is increasing day by day. Especially in India because of lack of awareness compared to the western world patients do not visit the dental office regularly. Because of delay in the treatment, the decay extends deep into the tooth touching the vital part of the tooth i.e the pulp. Once the bacteria invade this part of the tooth structure the patient experiences sever pain and needs to visit a dentist for a Root Canal Treatment. In the process of root canal treatment the infected tooth structure needs to be cleaned, disinfected and then filled with a biocompatible, medicated filling material inorder to prevent the tooth from further infection. A crown is then placed over the top to restore the tooth to its full function. Root canal treatment is highly successful and usually lasts a lifetime, although on occasion, a tooth will have to be retreated due to new infections.

At our dental office we follow very strict sterilization protocols to prevent cross infection Single visit endodontics is practiced regularly. We are well equipped with latest technology to perform painless root canal treatments. We use digital radiographs for accurate measurements during the procedure.

Patients have had a good dental experience after the treatment at our dental office.

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