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Missing teeth is one of the common reasons for patients to visit a dental office. Missing teeth pose a challenge to the patients, they have difficulty in chewing food, speech problems, facial asymmetry and further would lead to joint problems ( TMJ disorders) . Food not chewed properly would cause digestion and gastric problems. So replacing these missing teeth is very important for over allwell being of the patient. It is also important for the teeth, muscles and bones to be in harmonious relation with each other. Missing teeth are replaced with Fixed prostheses called the Fixed Partial dentures (FPD) or Fixed Bridges. When there are multiple missing teeth patients can opt for fixed bridges because this is a simple and durable treatment.

Why Choose Fixed Bridges?

  • They are look similar to natural teeth and also function like the natural dentition.
  • Cost effective compared to an implant
  • Bridges are stronger they can withstand biting forces better
  • Simple and Faster treatment time.

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