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Teeth sometimes are extensively damaged or fractured due to decay .Such teeth cannot be restored with a filling or any other restoration. So the treatment option for such kind of teeth would be a CROWN. Crowns are made from different types of ceramic. ALL CERAMIC crowns are a type of ceramic crowns which give an extremely natural look to the patient as they do not have metal underneath. All ceramic crowns are an ideal solution for anterior teeth as they give a very natural looking appearance.

Advantages Of All Ceramic Crowns:

There are numerous advantages in using All Ceramic Crowns. These include:

  • No metal underneath which can lead to a black line or shadow at the gum line.
  • Lifelike translucency that looks just like natural tooth enamel using various shades of the ceramic.
  • Strong and durable – the porcelain will not chip off because there is no metal underneath.
  • Biocompatible – no potential for allergic reactions to nickel or other metals used in porcelain-metal crowns.

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